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About Us

Established in 1978, making it one of the oldest quilt shops in the country, The Cotton Patch has been the "go to" destination for the quilting community of Lafayette, CA and surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. Affectionately referred to as "The Patch", our continued success is reflected in being the one-stop destination for any things quilting.

With over 4,000 bolts of high-quality fabric, our shop features an impressive selection of solids, blenders, batiks, flannel, black & white, and the latest designer lines. Need books? - another speciality here! Browse through hundreds of titles, from the latest to the out of print, everything your quilting library needs.

Looking for a new machine? The Patch is a dealer of top quality brands of sewing, embroidery and longarm machines: Bernina, Janome & HandiQuilter. Don't overlook our selection of slightly used classroom models and/or trade-in machines. Our in-house Service Department is available for these brands, as well as, others: Pfaff, Brother & Singer, to name a few.

Another inspiring aspect of our shop can be found in our knowledgeable staff, which consists of experienced quilters, creative teachers and an award winning longarm quilter. Everyone possesses a passion for beautiful fabrics, an excellent eye for color and enthusiasm for challenging projects. Assisting others to manifest their ideas, provide encouragement and problem solve (we're willing to do the math) is another staff speciality. If we don't have the solution, we know someone who does!

Email, call or come by The Patch... Get inspired!

About Carolie

Carolie Hensley is one of the founders of the Cotton Patch and has been the sole proprietor for the last 26 years. Like most in this quilting community, she's been at a sewing machine since she could reach the pedal and, has quite enjoyed being on the forefront of quilting's reemergence. 

In 1983, when one of Carolie's instructors was unable to find anyone to publish her work, Carolie and her husband, created C(arolie) &T(om) Publishing to fill this void. By establishing C&T Pub, Carolie and Tom contributed to quilting reemergence. Over the years, C&T Pub has worked with the foremost quilting talent, helping to widen the awareness of the quilting arts and in the process making C&T Pub one of the largest quilt and craft publishers in the world. Keeping it in the family, C&T is now owned by their sons, who continue to expand the company. 

Throughout her many years in quilting, Carolie has won many local and national awards. The most prestigious, presented at Quilt Market 2004, was the National Michael Kile Award for helping to further the quilting industry. 

Fun Fact: When Carolie and Tom first began attending QM, it consisted of one ballroom and all the vendors knew each other. Now, QM involves an extensive itinerary and 3 days for Carolie to view the entire show. 

Red is Carolie‚Äôs favorite color. Well, red with dots, to be exact. The Cotton Patch reflects that love - the walkway and front door are an inviting shade of red accented by crisp white. Venture inside and one senses a bright, welcoming feel -much like her personality. A rose garden in front of the shop, (stealing roses from the neighbors - with permission), and cats in back hint at a few of her other passions.

The Staff at The Patch 

Linda Morris - 2000

Manager, Eclectic Quilter

"Working with the fabric that strikes my fancy is one of the things I enjoy about quilting." 

Kerry Hansing - 1995

Instructor, Crafty & Traditional quilt style

"Journals, book-covers, folders. I have discovered that there are many unique ways to use fabric and enjoy bringing that knowledge to the classroom." 

Valerie Yeaton - 1998

Instructor, Traditional with Modern Colors

"Finding a new focus fabric then searching through my stash to find the coordinating, is just one part of quilting I enjoy."

Jocelyn Marzan - 2001

Instructor, Sales - Award winning Longarm Quilter, Embroidery Enthusiast, Modern Quilter

"Teaching others to get their ideas out onto fabric is where I have the most fun in the classroom. Creating on my long-arm and being with family is my most fun outside the classroom."

Masae Kubota - 2001

Machine Dismantlist - Licensed Pyrotechnic, Period Costume Design

"I'm not a quilter, I'm into the designing of historical period costume pieces. My enjoyment is how the silhouette has changed these hundreds of years and that the inside (corset, brazier, hoop) is what makes the shape and the clothes accentuate it. 

Roberta DeLuz - 2001

Machine Technician, Embroidery Instructor - 

"I enjoy when my projects give me a hard time, makes me think and press my boundaries. The complex textile that emerges is worth the headache." 

Susie Northrop - 2012

Instructor, Sales, Somewhat traditional with a speciality in brights.

"Teaching is my favorite aspect, having a student who is new to quilting and a little unsure blossom into a gal that's making her own layouts and color confident, keeps me coming back for more. All I ask is that you bring a can-do attitude and a smile, most comply.  My goal is that you get addicted as me."

Joanne Payne - 2012

Instructor, Sales - Hand applique extraordinaire      

"I get to create something beautiful, and that gives me a sense of satisfaction, it also allows me to relax."

Ashleigh Pevey - 2013

Website - Artsy, Modern with a twist on tradition

"There are no rules. None."

Tracy McCollam - 2013 

Warehouse Organizer - Color is key, Modern Traditional Style 

"Working with fabric, color, design, and watching as these parts come together to form the whole is my enjoyment in quilting. It's the accumulation of everything I like about sewing. Especially, how cotton "sticks together" unlike the rayons and polyesters I first began sewing with in my youth. 

Cheryl Hart - 2014

Sales, Instructor,  Traditional quilter with modern colors 

"The concentration aspect of quilting is what keeps calling me. A not so good day becomes a great day because I can go in my sewing area and be productive in that area of my life. Just create."

Mary Parsons - 2015

Sales - Straight stitch quilter - Problem Solver
"Garments are more my thing, fashioned my prom, wedding dresses and my children's clothes when they were young. I'm quite adept at car repair, also. 

Karen Murphy - 2017 - Too elusive to photograph, at this time.

Sales - Eclectic, wherever my whim takes me quilter  

"I truly love the fabric. That's really where it's at for me"